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One unknown (ex-)pro rider. One bike. One time. That is The Styxx..


The track 



Safety First 

Safety is paramount. To make everything as safe as possible, we have taken the following measures:

2. To avoid unnecessary risks, the time is not determined by the difference between start and finish times, but the times of 16 Strava segments on the course are added up. This way, there is no pressure when crossing streets, a closed railway crossing or a red light. The maximum time difference between the movement time and elapsed time is limited to 20 minutes. This gives enough margin to drive safely, but still no longer breaks can be taken and a fair competition is guaranteed.

3. We count on your common sense. Don't take risks, you won't gain anything by the measures taken.


Thanks to our partners, we are able to put together a very valuable prize pool again this year. You will find among others: Full Styxx outfits from Castelli, bikefits including saddle pressure measurement, a track and BMX initiation with friends, Assos trousers, cycling outfits from Cois Cycling and Canary Hill,... The grand prize, a TUI cycling holiday, will be raffled off among all participants.

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