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Boek ' Iedereen Flandrien'

You can already see the cobbles and hills beckoning, but what is the best bike for your goal, how do you take the perfect turn and what do you fill your drink can with? As a beginning cyclist, this book takes you on a 10-week journey that prepares you to become a real Flandrien. (Or an even better rider, for those who already have quite a few kilometers in their legs).
Coaches Thibau Nys and Jolien D'Hoore share the ultimate tips and tricks to master all cycling techniques in no time. With sports doctor Servaas Bingé, you'll work on learning how to take care of your body, deal with muscle soreness or provide healthy, energy-rich meals and snacks. Exercise specialist Kristof De Kegel then put together ten handy, scientifically based schedules to keep your training on track.
Determine your level (beginner or advanced), jump on your bike and you're ready to start!

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